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Friday, June 25, 2010

We are leaving in a few minutes to head to the lake with some friends for some much needed down time, aways from apposilles, paper work. But I feel guilty not working on it every moment I have. Its weird. I feel like Artem is waiting on us, so I need to hurry up. But I am going anyway. Maybe at least I can get our books read this weekend. That is something on the "to-do" list.
We recieved our packet from Reeces Rainbow yesterday that was filled with more goodies that need to be notarized. Moving on, more to be overwhelmed with. If I just had a big "To Do" list to work down. I think that would help. That is how I think. I need to check things off.


  1. Oh I'm thrilled for another Ky family to be adopting a sweetie with Down syndrome. We have just returned home in May with two. They really are such blessings, and you'll be done with that paperwork in no time. It took us from November to March to complete, and now that I look back that seems such a short time. I will tell you that our immigration officin in Louisville has a 75 day lag period working on I-171h's and you may have to petition them to work quicker since it is a special needs adoption. That is what we did in March, and it was sent out within the week. Good Luck!

  2. Oh my GOD! I have been watching Artem over the past few months, and even posted a blog entry about my adoration for him! If my husband and I were financially able, we would have applied to adopt him! Visiting the website again last night, I noticed his photo was gone, and I frantically searched the entire website to see if he was moved to another region...I then turned to Google! How exciting to have come across this site and get to share his adventure with you! I cannot wait for all of this happiness and excitement to come to you :)

  3. I have been reading your entries and noticed you plan on adopting 2 children? Is this another child through Reece's Rainbow as well?

  4. I am another KY family adopting through RR. We are in Louisville and adopting Marissa. Best of luck and he is so cute!

  5. I was so excited to see that you are adopting this precious boy. We saw his picture on RR a couple of months ago and he touched a part of my heart. What a blessing to know he finally has a home.

    I look forward to following your journey and hope and pray it will be a smooth adoption.

    May the Lord bless you both.


  6. We just came back from Orph#14 in Krivoy so if we can help with pics etc just let us know.