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Monday, June 21, 2010

Are we the disabled ones?

I believe that God made man in His image and that His will is perfect. I have often thought that the disability labels we give people are problems with the way we see things, not always problems with them. I was once given the opportunity and blessing to spend a summer serving at Cerebral Palsy of North East Florida and meet many amazing people with different "disabilites". I left that summer knowing that each and every one of those people was perfect, exactly who God made them to be. If any one of them was any different we wouldn't be learning from them, and have perfect experiences with them.
So I ask, who is disablied here, them or us? We give them this term because they don't fit inside the culture we have created, not because there is something wrong with them.
Brandon and I were talking about how awesome some of our friends with Down Syndrome were and how we wish we could see the world like them, and be more like them. We thought, "wouldn't it be funny if we got to heaven and our heavenly bodies had down syndrome?" That we have it all wrong. Not them and not God. So why is it we are trying to wipe out an entire group of people that God has perfectly sewn together? People that teach us so much about how to see the world, how to love others so freely, and how to forgive so quickly...

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  1. I agree society today expects people to fit into what they consider the norm and ignore the rest who dont..sadly in other countries this could mean a death sentence..we should love people for who they are inside not outside..