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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yay! Our homestudy application has been reviewed and approved! Which really just means we get to begin the homestudy. But this is exciting, its a step, however small.

I also get a lot of questions about why adoption cost so much. It is hard to explain but today I found a breakdown of the cost:
App. Fee-- $90
Donation to org.--$275
Home study--$1250
Passport renewal ($75 ea)--$150
Marriage license--$55
MO background checks--$66
Shipping dossier to UA--$28
Facilitator fee--$10500
Travel to/from Ukraine #1--$4000
Lodging in Ukraine #1--$360
Travel to/from region #1--$250
Lodging in region #1--$475
Travel to/from Ukraine #2--$2315
Travel to/from region #2--$120
Lodging in region #2--$105
Lodging in Kyiv #2--$210
Kids medicals--$220
Kids visas--$800
Kids flights--$1170
Follow Up Study--$900
Food while in country-- $250
= $24,642
This is a very rough estimate that is obviously subject to cost of airfare, ect. But helps explain where all the money goes.

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