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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 26: Its the beginning of the end of the beginning.

Ohh my goodness. We thought we had cabin fever from being in the apartment too long, today we have a new kind of fever from being left in the car too long. It was good though, I am sure we got lots of stuff done that we don't even know about.
It started this morning at the orphanage where we meet Yulia. She picked up the court decree and started the paperwork for the changes to Artem's birth certificate before we meet with her. When we got to the orphanage they did more paper work for us to sign, I don't know what it all was, but some of it had to do with us being able to pick up Artem tomorrow. Then we went to another office to work on Artem's birth certificate. We waited there for like an hour because a computer was down or something. Then we went to pick up the orphanage attorney who went with us to 3 other offices and the bank to take care of any accounts that where in Artem's name (that money goes to the orphanage). Then we drove for a long time to some place else to get all of the necessary paperwork to apply for Artem's passport tomorrow. Most of this adventure we waited in the car. I was starting to feel like a kid who had gotten in trouble. But Yulia knows what she is doing, and thank goodness, because I have no idea what is going on. She is very efficiant. Anyway, Brandon can't be left in the car too long, or he starts losing it... I was able to get a few pictures/video of it...

And when we got home, guess who needed to come out...

So tomorrow is GOTCHA Day! We will be meeting our driver at the orphanage tomorrow to pick up Artem, then we will take him to another city about 2 hours away to apply for his passport. After that we will catch the train back to Kiev, at least that is the plan. Please pray that it all goes smoothly.

And a few pictures of Artem to hold you over...


  1. Oh my goodness, you guys are hilarious!!! YAY for tomorrow!!!!!!

  2. Great sense of humor =)
    Artem is such a doll! Congratulations on everything so far. Hoping all the tomorrows go well, and you get home with your bundle of joy safely!
    If you happen to see our little one, could you give him a hug for us?

  3. How long before Artem finds out his father is spiderman. That suits fits you better than it ever has. I'm hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly for you tomorrow.
    Love you guys.

  4. So I am commenting on a really old post and you may not see it but.... I'm staying in Ira's apartment right now, typing on her computer, and it cracks me to see you guys having so much silly fun here! The love of stuffed animals in this country is too funny!