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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 23: Brandon's Observations

So it is me again. Laura's husband Brandon. I don't really get into this blog thing that often, but Laura wanted to put my "flair" into it today. Also, I think she was just a little tired of it just being her. I was going to do it yesterday, but I wasn't feeling to well. I kinda felt nauseous from the butter I cooked with last night. Just so you all know I made a sausage and cheese omelet and fresh hash browns. I think I might have used too much butter. Anyway back to the blog. I use to have a blog on Xanga called TTF (Top Ten Friday). It was kinda like David Letterman's Top Ten, but I made it up myself. One of them was Top Ten Things I Am Still Trying To Get Use To With Being Married. So to commemorate that time in my life I have come up with The Top Ten Friday special edition TTS (Top Ten Saturday).

Top Ten Observations I have had on our Adoption Adventure.

10) They only have instant coffee here. Don't get me wrong the coffee shop we went to had pretty good coffee. However, it wasn't until we went to the store a couple of times, and watched some television that I noticed they only sell instant coffee.

9) Going to a place where you don't speak the language, and can't read/pronounce the words is a great place to loose weight. If you can't tell the person what you want to eat, or if your not able to point to the item that is a great diet plan. Now for those that have been concerned about our nutrition or just started after reading this don't be we are fine.

8) There are a lot of wild animals. Really just a lot of stay dogs and cats. The dogs travel around in packs, but they are friendly. I think people may feed them so that could be why they are nice. You do have to be aware of where you walk. They do leave behind...presents.

7) One of the most interesting things I have seen is people walking around with sleds. They are not just children, but adults too. First let me say most people where we are walk not drive. So when it snows they take a sled with them to transport items be it groceries or a child. Some have backs on them for little children so they don't have to walk, and the parents just pull the sled behind them. It is a pretty cool situation.

6) Today I saw a man washing a car. Now I am not talking about going to a car wash. I am talking about a man got a bucket of water, soap, and cloth and was washing a car (it's not like he was washing the salt off of it, because they don't salt the streets). If you don't know about the climate we are in, there is snow on the ground. Come to think of it, it was snowing while he was washing the car. Later when we came back for our second visit the car looked very good. Along the same lines people take their area rugs outside in the snow and clean/beat them. I also observed a couple lay the rug on the snow put snow on the rug, pick it up then beat the snow off of it. I am sure there is a perfectly logical reason behind it, but it is kind of curious to observe.

5) Women walking in high heel boots. When Laura and I first arrived all women of all ages wear high heel boots with leggings or skinny jeans. I thought to myself, "It is trendy here too." Then the snow came. I saw women in the same things. Boots with high heels. They have a functional purpose: snow does not get into your shoes. However, these women are really talented. They walk effortlessly on ice, snow, and uneven terrain in high heels without falling. Kudos to them.

4) Their chocolate and juice here is wonderful. First the chocolate. I think it is sweeter and smoother. We eat a different candy bar every few days just to taste the different ones, and my favorite brand is Roshen. It is made here in Eastern Europe. Don't worry we will be taking some on the road/tracks/air. Second the juice. I can't read the labels, but I don't think it is made from concentrate. There is "pulp" in it. It doesn't matter what kind, orange, mixed fruit, mango, cranberry apple. Our most favorite is probably mango and pineapple (so far). We try different flavors every few days.

3) There are stuffed animals everywhere. You know the kind that you would get at the fair or a prize at a carnival. Everywhere I turn I feel like there is a stuffed animal staring at me. There are nine in arms length of me right now. Even our web cam that we use is a stuffed animal. I feel like I am in a claw machine at Chuck E. Cheese.

2) Not many people smile here. I always feel awkward when I smile at somebody, because they usually don't smile back. It must be cultural. Please don't get me wrong they are nice, but whenever you see somebody back in the states usually you say hello and smile at them. Here they just say hello.

1) Laura and I have spent way to much time together, we are turning into one person. It is not a bad thing, but it sure does make the days interesting. For example: there are three people in the room with me right now. Me, Laura, and Laura's reflection. I asked Laura a question and she told me I had to refer all questions to her secretary. When I asked who that was she pointed to herself in the mirror. That is a comment that I would have probably made. We are definitely getting cabin fever.


  1. Thank you for posting, Laura was a little sad last night. Just a few more days.
    Love You Grammy

  2. Oh my, that was funny. I especially love the 9 stuffed animals all within your arm's reach. That's hilarious.
    And were you really expecting people to smile back at you? It's Europe for goodness' sake. I'm amazed they aren't all wearing headphones to avoid having conversations with people. That's pretty typical. lol
    So excited for you guys!

  3. You are hilarious. My child, sometimes i just shake my head. Love the update. Cant wait to see you three. Love you

  4. I love your flair, I know you don't like it when people think you are funny, but it is one of your God given talents.

  5. Bahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this!!! We love the Rochen too! And we both lost weight too, kind of fun and yes our parents freaked out that we were being malnurished or something. Totally agree with all this post! Good to hear from you Brandon - I'm still trying to get Greg to post!!!

  6. This was great! The reflection thing was SO funny :D It's been so fun to read your blog and remember some of the places that we recently were through your pics.