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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 21: The Longest Week Ever

Sorry that we have gone silent for few days. The mundane daily activity of our lives this week did not seem blog worthy, and then I remember that we were in Eastern Europe adopting the most awesome kid ever and realized that was definitely blog worthy. We have made it to the seventh day of the waiting period here. It is going well. I say it is the longest week of our lives, but Brandon and I are so thankful for this restful time to just be together, catch up on sleep and reading, and spend quality time letting Artem get to know us in his comfort zone.
Every visit with him is better than the day before. He is the happiest kid on earth, and if that can be accomplished in a sad place like his orphanage, what in the world is he going to be like when he realizes he is part of a family. He may explode from giggling.
He has started saying "Mama" and "Papa", we aren't quite sure if he referring to us, or just repeating us, either way, I'm good. He did however look at Brandon today, said "Papa" and climbed up into his lap. And I can't explain how happy it makes Brandon when Artem climbs into his lap, he was beaming.
We bought Artem a Sip Cup so we could start giving him something to drink. Bless his heart he can't figure out how to suck on it. So we do much better just taking the top off and letting him drink from the cup, until Brandon got involved and spilled the entire cup of water down his overalls. Ahhh Dad... Luckily he never felt it, for the three to four layers of clothing they always put on him.
He is walking on his own now about 10 steps at a time, which has been so fun to watch. He can't walk and giggle though, so if you make him laugh, he is done. So really that means you can't hardly even look at him, because most of the time that is all it takes to make him laugh.
We got a chance to Skype with the youth from our church last night during their Wednesday night worship service, which was a joy. I can't wait to get home and share the joy Artem brings with all of them. He is so contagious.
Our one and only English speaking friend left on Wednesday for home. It was sad to see her go. Sad because we will miss her, and sad because of all the attention she alone gives so many precious babies here. It has blessed me so much to watch her love on so many that never get kissed, never get held, never hear a kind word. God sent her to them, and to Artem before we could get here. Please pray that she safely makes it home, and for her future as she prays for what God has for her next. You can follow her at
Brandon and I successfully ordered lunch at a restaurant yesterday with no translator, or english speaking staff. It may have taken several attempts but we were able to eat lunch. We had Borscht (the traditional soup), a calzone, and some Coca Cola, which thankfully is the same in every language. CocaCola is hard to mess up.

As for the question on everyone minds: When do get to have Artem with us? That is an excellent question.
We are in the middle of the 10 day appeal process. The 10 wait will be over on Sunday and we could pick up our court decree on Monday. But, the office of vital statistics isn't open on Monday, on, and, on and so forth. To make a long story short. Artem's gotcha day is planned for Wednesday Feb. 9th. I can't wait to say "Paka Paka Baby House, give me my baby." Please be praying for us as we work on paper work Tuesday-Wednesday and that Artem handles everything well. I told him this morning that he only had 5 full days left and that he better start saying his goodbyes.
And now a few pictures of his beautiful face...

And a few videos so you can hear him laugh...


  1. I have just loved reading your blog while you're adopting sweet I was thrilled to wake up to a new post today! His giggle is absolutely precious, and contagious! I can't wait to meet him :)
    Praying for you daily,
    Sarah Price

  2. Laura, do you have the same facilitator that we had? I think you do... email me at

  3. Laura,

    Greg and I were totally cracking up reading your post!!! We can definitely relate! Just in case you were wondering, our son had on bright pink tights today. Niiiice :). Greg said he's going to save the pictures to hang over his head when he gets older. Just kidding!

    Precious videos - I need to learn how to upload mine.....

    Blessings friend!

  4. He is determined to get off that rug. That game ends when he gets out of there. I thought your gotcha day was Tuesday.
    all the pictures and videos makes me really excited about you all get home.
    Missing you all, Love you Grammy

  5. Well, I made it home... Miss you guys and your joy-filled little boy. If there's any way you could smuggle some of my kids out along with him I would gladly do the 53 hours of travel all over again to come and get them...