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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 7: The Long Awaited Meeting

I didn't know that when I got dressed Tuesday morning that I would find myself in the same clothes on Wednesday night, which makes for a long day. So we have now been by plane, train, and automobile to get to Artem.

Getting ready for our train ride.

The train station is very beautiful

So after an exciting overnight train ride, we found ourselves in Artem's city being quickly escorted around and then we are given the chance to see him. He is beautiful. We get to spend several hours a day in the morning and evening playing with him. He is not very interested or impressed with us right now. He is very busy and usually working to get away from us. But we will keep trying. We are still strangers.
Our facilitator has been wonderful and working very hard to get what she needs done. So hopefully soon we will get to introduce him as a Priest!

His favorite toy, the Flip Video. Oh Well


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this - he is beautiful!!! Congrats guys!

  2. Hooray! I've been waiting for this post :o) He is totally precious! And welcome to's always YOUR toys that they want ;o)

  3. Ok, I know I'm suppose to asking about Artem.
    but how was the train ride, their sleeper looks better than Amtreks sleepers.
    Sweet little Artem he doesn't know he is suppose to bond with you, he will over time, he looks like fun little boy. I can't wait to love on him.

  4. wow! he is beautiful!!! good luck!
    praying for the paperwork to go quick.

  5. Aww, he's so cute!! Liza didn't like us the first couple days either, but once she realized we brought snacks she really liked us... LOL Praying for that court date!