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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 10: Get Your Church On.. Cause thats what we did

I must say that we got much more than we were expecting this morning. Our experience with church here up to now has been beautiful buildings that serve a purpose of a museum more than a church. But this morning we were pleasantly surprised and felt very blessed to witness and be apart of what seemed like genuine worship. Oh course we don't know for sure because we couldn't understand any of what they were saying, but still enjoyable. Our dear friend serving here in Artem's city attends this church and invited us to join her this morning. We are very grateful. A few clips from worship....

Since we were at church this morning we missed our morning visit with Artem. So we were pretty excited to see him tonight. We cut up an orange to feed him tonight and got ready. We walked over to the baby house to find the doors locked. I guess there is no visiting on Sundays. Big disappointment. We will be even more ready to see him in the morning. So we took a few pictures of the outside of his baby house and the buildings around where we are staying. It snowed again this morning. It seems to snow an inch or two everyday.

Artem's Baby House from the front.


  1. Looks sooo familiar! Makes me want to be back there even more!! Hope things continue to go well!

  2. You guys must have brought the snow with you or something 'cuz this is pretty much the only snow we've had all winter!

  3. have you heard anything about court yet?? Great pictures guys!!! He's so precious!