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Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 4: We finally made it out!

We are still working on sleeping during the night instead of the day, but I think we were more successful today. The first milestone of our adventure came and went today without a hitch. We were picked up at our apartment by our facilitator for our appointment. It went well. We accepted Artem's referral today. We get to pick it up tomorrow and then head by over night train to his city.
After all the important stuff was out of the way, we got brave and decided to walk around the city. We enjoyed getting lost and finding our way around. On a warmer day this would be a wonderful place to explore.
We found the under ground "mall". We shopped through a childrens toy store. Took pictures of lots of old buildings. Stopped for coffee and soups for lunch (Brandon got to eat Borsch). Only had to have someone point at our map for us one time. We found the opera house and lots of church buildings. We got dinner at this deli/grocery place where we could point at what we wanted. That makes in easier, kind of...
Pictures of the day:



  1. good job guys! did brandon like the borscht? congratulations!!!! can't wait to see pictures of you and artem!

  2. Your mom and dad gave us a webcam so hopefully we can skype soon, I know our schedule conflicts, maybe Sat or Sunday morning. Mike wants to know if you guys want a Power Balance bracelet, he found them cheap, random I know. We're all getting one.
    Great pics!!!!!!

  3. Looks amazing there!! It is very different than what I expected. I wasn't sure if you were in the city or more rural. Girls loved looking at the pictures!