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Saturday, October 23, 2010


So many exciting things have happened recently! We had a wonderful dinner and silent auction. It was a huge success thanks to so many people that helped out, donated, and bid on items. We were able to raise $32OO for Artem's adoption. It was so much fun to spend time with everyone who is supporting and loving us through this process and just get to talk about Artem all night. We were blessed to have Diana Merzweiler as our guest from Down Syndrome of Louisville who came to talk about what they do there and all the things Artem will get to be involved in! Her support has been priceless.
We are getting so close to our goal. We are shy just a few thousand dollars and we would love to see our FSP reach $5000 before we travel. So head on over to to donate to our FSP.
We continue to wait for our USCIS approval. Our congressman has agreed to help us move closer to this goal. I was really hoping we would have it by today. We are really getting close to the November deadline and it is making me super nervous, so we continue to pray and wait and call out to God for this "Golden Ticket". It would be great to just finish this already.
AND I recieved the most wonderful gift this week while we wait. Updated pictures of Artem from a wonderful girl serving at his baby house! So I will share this gift with you...

These pictures are bitter sweet due to loving getting to see him. But they also make me much more impatient to get to him. How I want nothing more than to hold him and touch him myself. Who knew I could love someone so much without ever even touching him. Who knew we could be capable and called to such a journey as this. We are blessed....

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Sarah and I was at Artem's orphanage in early July on a missions trip. Sadly I didn't see Artem, but I was able to spend some time at his orphanage, and at other places in the area (mostly adult handicapped facility). Please feel free to contact me at forhisgloryhandiwork at gmail dot com.

    P.S. What is the name of the missionary who you got the photo from? Andrea?